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About Ascentive:
Ascentive LLC has designed, developed, and distributed a wide line of software products to allow PC users to maximize their machine’s abilities and remove malwares and viruses.

Since 1998, Ascentive has proven to be acumen and a leader in the market of both corporate and consumer software. The company has been internationally recognized as experts in the software arena by the media-elite including: The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Forbes, Newsweek, and Tech TV.

Ascentive, LLC has been awarded three patents (and a pending fourth). One of such patents was by the USPTO who gave a “fast-track” review status for potential counterterrorism applications.

The Facts:
To best alleviate confusion of reviews and claims existing online regarding Ascentive and its products the following is a brief guide to help clarify who is Ascentive and its mission.

Some of the user sites that currently exist make claims regarding Ascentive Corporation that are false in an attempt to financially gain from the removal of such information. Ascentive is currently taking the necessary steps to ensure that these false claims are taken down and only factual information will be available.

If you have recently searched for more information regarding Ascentive software products, you have more than likely discovered a combination of positive and negative user reviews. Many of these same users have identified Ascentive and its products as malware or containing viruses. All such claims are false. As illustrated below with images from top antivirus software vendors such as McAfee, Norton Antivirus, and Google’s Safe Browsing Blog, Ascentive Software is proven to not contain any such unwanted computer entities.

McAfee and Norton Antivirus software have confirmed that Ascentive is safe and contains no harmful malwares or viruses.

McAfee has declared a safe site to browse.
Norton Antivirus has declared a safe site to browse.

Google has also made a statement declaring Ascentive is safe browsing and contains no harmful entities.

Google has declared a safe site to browse.


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